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To do more than just acknowledge Mongolia's rich past; we're dedicated to integrating it into your everyday life.


Since 2014, we've been on a mission to introduce the world to the richness of Mongolian culture, one product at a time. Now, with our foray into everyday fashion, we're broadening our reach. Beyond clothing, our passion is to reveal the enchanting landscapes, timeless nomadic traditions, and vibrant culture of Mongolia. Our goal is to kindle curiosity and encourage exploration of this extraordinary land, beckoning the global community to discover and embrace the wonders of the 'Eternal Blue Sky.'


Our collective mission is to work hand in hand, blending our individual talents to empower people to be uniquely themselves and unafraid to express their emotions. We celebrate the beauty of diverse traditions, sharing them with the world to foster a deeper appreciation for our shared global heritage.

Illustrator Bulgaa

Drawing since I was just 2 years old, I was born into a world of art and creativity, deeply intertwined with the heritage of Mongolian culture and tradition. Both of my parents were artists who instilled in me a profound appreciation for the artistic expressions of our culture. From an early age, I was immersed in the rich tapestry of Mongolian art and creativity.

My journey as a graphic designer has been profoundly influenced by this deep artistic heritage. As a father, one of my greatest aspirations has been to pass down the treasures of Mongolian culture to the younger generation, to make my son proud to have me as a father. In my designs, it's the intricate details that reveal the true essence of my creative spirit, reflecting not only my artistic passion but also my dedication to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural traditions of Mongolia. Join me in this artistic journey, where the beauty of our culture and heritage comes to life in every design, leaving a legacy for generations to come.


Co-Founder, Creative Director Lkhamaa

As the Creative Director at Mongol Mood, my journey is deeply rooted in my role as a mother. I wanted my kids, as well as all children, to grow up unafraid to express their emotions and feelings, even if they are negative. It's essential to acknowledge and work together to address these issues. Through our creative expressions, we aim to create a visual narrative that fosters mental well-being, empowering not just the younger generation but all individuals to embrace and share their emotions. Join us in this transformative journey, where art and fashion become a powerful tool for building a community that values emotional expression and supports one another through every phase of life.


Co-Founder Turuu

As a founder, I'm driving Mongol Mood onto the global stage, working closely with a talented designer and visionary director. My passion for innovation and creativity fuels this journey, where we're not just creating a brand but crafting an experience that showcases Mongolia's cultural richness to the world. Join us in this exciting collaboration, where vision meets creativity, and together, we set the stage for Mongol Mood's global presence.